2018-2019 Artist-In-Residence Program

Two exciting Artist in Residence experiences for the 3rd & 4th grades took place in our schools in November and December 2018.   Artist-In-Residence Programming is funded bi-annually by HEPTA through funds you help raise!  Special thanks to parent volunteer Anna Birch who works closely with the HPS and HUES staff to coordinate this artist-in-residence experience for our students.
HPS 3rd graders were joined for 4 days by Resident Artists Catherine Stewart & Stephanie Lazenby, of the New Hampshire Theater Project. Focusing on skills in collaboration, creative thinking & self-expression, they engaged students in experiences designed around the HPS science curriculum of Forces and Motion &  scientific discovery.  The residency is designed to allow creativity to reign in both the arts and the exploration of science through docudrama. The residency also incorporates the 3rd grade year-round theme of “Character” and looks at the theme of immigration & people from other places in the world.
HUES 4th graders were joined for 4 days by the wonderful Michael Caduto, back by popular demand. Through music, storytelling & participatory experiences, he engages students with Traditions of the Land & NH Abenaki Culture,  and also focus on Science/ STEAM themes with Energy & Earth Stewardship with his "Energy Rocks" youth program. This program is an unique and timely opportunity for students to look back AND look forward, seven generations.   www.p-e-a-c-e.net
Both residencies are designed for active participation to make these enriching experiences possible for our students!



2016-2017 Artist-In-Residence Program



Often, there is talk as to what the Hollis Elementary PTA does with the money that they raise?  Well, one example is the Artist-in-Residence program which occurs every two years so that every third and fourth grader gets a chance to participate.  The program allows our children to experience creating art first hand.  This year the artist was Marek Bennett who is a New Hampshire-based cartoonist and educator who leads comic workshops to tell stories.

The third graders worked with a storytelling curriculum and imagination- including ‘talking animals’ inspired by Charlotte’s web, which they were currently reading.  The fourth graders, in the midst of their NH History Year, worked with “Historic Hollis Stories”, including the origins of Beaver Brook and Maple Hill Farm, Peter Powers and his Pet Hog Tusky, Hollis activities during World War II, and several more Hollis stories that they learned about and then transformed into their own comics.  As result of their work, the third and fourth-grade students created their own comic books per classroom which will be coming home soon and kept in each school library. 

Marek Bennett's work with the students was a huge hit.  The children loved his approach and appreciated his attentiveness to what they wanted to create.  He plans to return to the area over the summer with a program at the Hollis Social Library.  To keep abreast of his activities visit https://marekbennett.com.  

Once again, thank you to the committee chairs, Anna Birch and Jessica Palmer, for finding an incredible artist to work with the students of the Hollis Elementary Schools.



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