2017-2018 Hollis Elementary PTA Officers



Cassandra Vorisek-Creto President president@603hepta.org
Alexis Brooks VP/Volunteer Coordinator volcoord@603hepta.org
Amy Kellner Treasurer treasurer@603hepta.org
Sarah Constantine Secretary secretary@603hepta.org
Marsha Bottino Public Relations/Marketing




2017-2018 Hollis Elementary PTA Committee Chairs 

 Arts-In-Residence  Anna Birch/Jessica Palmer  annabirch22@gmail.com/j_bladd@yahoo.com
 Auction  PTA Officers auction@hollispta.com 
Box Top Club   Kathleen Mauch kdmauch@gmail.com 
Bulletin Board   Agatha Connelly gathie@gmail.com 
Computer Room   Deb Goldstein debdurkin@yahoo.com 
Cross Country  Brooke Arthur  
Destination Imagination    
Field Day-HPS Alexis Brooks atj.brooks@gmal.com
Field Day-HUES Liz Golbert elizawiz@aol.com
Grounds Beautification Joanne Synder joanne_coulter181@hotmail.com
Halloween Fun Fair: Chair Alexis Brooks atj.brooks@gmail.com
--Bake Sale Amy Kellner amyekellner@gmail.com
--Games Becky Stelmack b_stelmack@hotmail.com
--Food Concessions Rachael Parker-Brown Lillian Garruba
--Cake Walk Melinda Marshall/Dawn Haskell melinda.marshal;@fmr.com/haskellvp@yahoo.com
--Prizes Karen Houvener karen.houvener@gmail.com
--Decorations Lillian Garruba userl@garruba.com
--Tickets Gina Dortona/Sonja Starins gmdortona@yahoo.com/sonja_starins@yahoo.com
--Haunted House Raul Blanche/Randy Forgaard  
Hospitality Joanne Synder joanne_cloulter181@hotmail.com
K/1st Grade Bus Run Laura Theriault quilty114@msn.com
Library-HPS Kim Verrecchia kimberlysu@hotmail.com
Library-HUES Beverly Reardon beverlyreardon@tds.net
Math Olympiad Laurie Miller laurie@millersnh.com
Makerspace-HPS Sarah DeChiaro


Parent Talks Charity Bell cbell.lewitt@gmail.com
Reflections Kirsten Szczeszynski/Alexis Brooks kirsten@electriceng.com/atj.brooks@gmail.com
Room Parent Coordinator Tricia Harmon-Stone triciaharmon@aya.yale.edu
6th Grade Reception    
Spiritwear Kim Verrecchia kimberlysu@hotmail.com
Science/Engineering Fair Tara Happy thappy@gmail.com
Ski Programs Daragh Taylor daraghtaylor@yahoo.com
Staff Appreciation Sarah Constantine taby111@hotmail.com
Student Directory    
Student Enrichment Cassandra Vorisek-Creto cvorisek_creto@hotmail.com
Teacher Requests Kelley Simonian kelley.m.simonian@gmail.com
Toy Yard Sale Amy Kellner amyekellner@gmail.com
Wellnes Agatha Connelly gathie@gmail.com


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