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**Special Reminder Regarding SAU Approval for Information Distribution From the SAU Office**


(An excerpt)


"In keeping with our core values, it is important to forward your information for distribution to the SAU 41 Office for the Superintendent's prior approval.  I have attached the "Approval for Information Distribution or Display" form that I ask you to post to your PTO/PTA websites if you haven't done so already.  Please share this information with your members as this will certainly help to improve the information distribution approval process.  You can also find this approval form on the SAU 41 website. Click "Resources", "For Community & Visitors", click the first document in the Resources box.  Again, all flyers, postings, electronic mail, etc, you wish to promote through the COOP, Hollis and/or Brookline schools must be approved by the Superintendent before any information is distributed and/or submitted to the schools.  Requests (approval form and exact documentation to be distributed) must be submitted (email is the fastest and easiest) a minimum of TWO weeks prior to the intended distribution.  Organizations must be non-profit AND affiliated with the towns or schools in Hollis and/or Brookline.  The activity must be student related.  All materials (each page/poster) must be clearly marked as "not a school-sponsored event."