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National Teacher Appreciation week may be coming a close, but the gratefulness of our community to everyone at SAU 41 is lasting. Now more than ever, we as parents have experienced and so appreciate the patience, passion and talent of our teachers and staff at HPS and HUES. Please enjoy these videos that you helped shape! They are also being shared by the principals to all staff. Special thanks to our video editors - Debbie Caron, Kate Jones and Kim Orr - and all who contributed messages! 

HEPTA Proudly Presents the HPS Staff Appreciation Video: Click Here to View!

HEPTA Proudly Presents the HUES Staff Appreciation Video - Click Here to View!
A few students messages were accidentally missed in the original version and have been added - check it out to see lots of smiling faces!

On-line Auction May 17th-22nd: There is much uncertainty surrounding so many aspects of life right now, but we are certain about the commitment and staff and families have to HPS and HUES.  As you know, HEPTA cancelled our family glow dance and online auction in April due to COVID-19 - these raised $20,000+ last year. Please support this mini online auction so that HEPTA has funds available in 2020-21 to support enrichment and teacher requests at HPS and HUES. Bidding link here!!!
If you are able, please support HEPTA’s mini online auction May 17-22nd as funds raised are crucial to our ability to support enrichment activities at HPS and HUES as HEPTA has done in the past.

HEPTA is looking for two individuals to join our board of directors starting next school year. One as VP of Marketing and one as Secretary. Generally it is a 3 year term and requires ability to attend HEPTA meetings (typically 2nd Wednesday of the month at 10am at HUES). Help shape HEPTA’s work and impact in a meaningful way by volunteering! 


No experience as a board member needed. Just willingness to help HEPTA enrich the student experience and support staff needs at HPS and HUES. You will have templates of all work completed in prior years to work off of and any support needed to answer questions from current and prior board members. 


Secretary Role: Take and distribute monthly meeting minutes and attendance. Involved in regular emails among Board members and occasional meeting up for coffee at Buckley’s for planning/chatting - we miss being able to do that! Attend HEPTA events when possible to offer volunteer support. There is no expectation that you also be a room parent or chair HEPTA events. The time commitment for our Board secretary is about 4 hrs/month. 


VP of Marketing: Send monthly e-blasts about HEPTA’s work and post that same info on Facebook. Chairpeople of fundraising/family events provide content that you share on HEPTA media channels, including setting up website to accept event registration/payments (Training provided for everything and you don’t need to have website management experience- it’s designed for organizations like us!). 


Occasionally oversee print/distribution of fliers to students and post fundraising event photos and reminders to register. Involved in regular emails among Board members and occasional Buckley’s meet-ups to plan/chat. There is no expectation that you also be a room parent or chair HEPTA events. The time commitment for VP of Marketing is 6-8/hrs a month. 


Interested or have questions? Email Lexy at President@603HEPTA.org

JUNE HEPTA Meeting Wednesday, June 10, 2020 3-4PM via zoom: Hear from school staff with updates, end of year plans, HEPTA revenue and expense updates, and share ideas of future plans.

Parents are needed to volunteer as chair people for several roles including Back to School Bingo and Ski Club in order for them to happen in 2019-20.  Please contact Karen at volcoord@603HEPTA.org if interested in learning about these or other ways to volunteer with HEPTA!



Interested in Volunteering for field trips, field day, monthly at lunch or in the library or helping with PTA activities?  Visit the volunteer tab for detailed information!


Your support through HEPTA membership, purchases and events directly translate into enriching experience for our students!




The election of officers for the 2019-20 Board of Directors of the Hollis Elementary PTA was held at the monthly meeting on June 12th at 10AM at HUES. 

The following individuals were voted to serve as officers for the 2019-20 school year:
President: Alexis Brooks (incumbant)
Vice President/Volunteer Coordinator:
 Karen Zomchek (incumbent)
Vice President/Public Relations: Marsha Bottino  (incumbent)
Treasurer: Sarah Constantine   (current board secretary)

Secretary: Debbie Caron



Interested in volunteering at Hollis Primary or Hollis Upper Elementary School? 
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