WOW! We, at HEPTA, can't believe that the summer break is over and school is starting next week!! We made it through these challenging times thus far and are ready to press on for this upcoming year. As an ongoing tradition, we play the annual game of "WHO WANTS TO BE A ROOM PARENT?" at the end of the previous school year. However, with a pandemic occurring, we needed to be flexible. Now that everyone knows the teacher/class assignments, we are looking for room parents ASAP!


This position is unique this year as it will be an online-based volunteer position. It is of utmost importance that room parents realize that communicating by email is essential for success. As a room parent, you will be communicating directly with your assigned teacher and the parents who provide their email addresses to you. These email lists are generated in the good faith of the families who have shared their information with you, as a representative of HEPTA. They are only to be used when either the classroom teacher needs your assistance or Trish Harmon, the Room Parent Coordinator, needs you to forward a message from HEPTA. Secondly, these email lists are never to be shared with anyone. If there is a situation not related to HEPTA matters or another parent needs to communicate with their child's class, please ask the classroom teacher if s/he can forward the message for you. Typically, the teachers have no problems doing so. Lastly, just like the HEPTA Directory, these email lists should never be used TO SOLICIT from your classroom's families.


As a room parent, you will be responsible for your class's gift funds too. These funds are to be used for holiday, birthday, Teacher Appreciation Week, and end of the year gifts for both the teacher and the para(s) in your class. By using the gift funds in this manner, you help to maintain a healthy relationship, filled with thanks and gratitude, between HEPTA and the faculty/staff.

As always, this is a first-come, first-serve position so don't hesitate if you are interested. There is no room for drama in this role. Kids and classrooms first always! :)


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you in the future. Here's to a successful school year!! Any questions, please email


HPS & HUES Room Parents

HPS Preschool Room Parents


**This position is virtual this year as volunteers will not be allowed in the buildings. However, if you are a returning volunteer, you can feel free to renew your volunteer status with the SAU. More details about that coming soon.**





HEPTA is looking for two individuals to join our Board of Directors for the 2020-21 school year; one as VP/Marketing and one as VP/Volunteer Coordinator. Generally, it is a three-year term and requires the ability to attend HEPTA meetings which are typically the second Tuesday of the month at 10 am at HUES. This year, the Board will be meeting via Zoom.  Help shape HEPTA’s work and impact in a meaningful way by volunteering! 


No experience as a board member needed. Just the willingness to help HEPTA enrich the student experience and support staff needs at HPS and HUES. You will have templates of all work completed in prior years to work off of and any support needed to answer questions from current and prior board members. Please contact if interested.


VP/Marketing: Send monthly e-blasts about HEPTA’s work and post that same info on Facebook. Chairpeople of fundraising/family events provide content that you share on HEPTA media channels, including updating up the HEPTA website to accept event registration/payments. Training is provided for everything and you don’t need to have website management experience. It’s designed for organizations like us!. 


Occasionally oversee print/distribution of fliers to students and post fundraising event photos and reminders to register. Involved in regular emails among Board members and occasional Buckley’s meet-ups to plan/chat. There is no expectation that you also be a room parent or chair HEPTA events. The time commitment for VP of Marketing is 6-8/hrs a month. 


VP/Volunteer Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating volunteers for our numerous committees. This position is in direct communication with the chairpeople regarding the status of their respective committees.  Often, this position, also, involves communicating with the lead secretaries at HPS and HUES regarding events and volunteers. Typically, the Volunteer Coordinator is the busiest at the beginning of the year while coordinating volunteers and their respective committees. As the year progresses, the workload decreases. However, the Volunteer Coordinator does relay pertinent event information at the monthly HEPTA meeting.



There is no expectation that you also be a room parent or chair HEPTA events. The time commitment for VP/Volunteer Coordinator is 4-6/hrs a month. 



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